Congratulations! You've found the website for Top Dead Center, the best-hidden science experiment growing in the back of the refrigerator of Tucson, Arizona (a city known for its science experiments, mind you).

Top Dead Center (or TDC, as we like to call it sometimes, you know, when we feel we're important enough to actually have our very own acronym) is, at its creamy caramel center, a band that plays the music of The Grateful Dead, one of the most beloved groups of all time. We're not really a "Tribute Band," as we're not really trying to pretend that we're the GD (note clever use of acronym again, this time to convey a sense of undeserved familiarity), and we're not really a "Cover Band," as we don't really try too hard to exactly sound like them. But what we do is to try to recreate the feeling of being at a Dead show, and especially to try to approach their music as, we think, they did, whatever that means.

What that really means, to us anyway, is that we try to balance a lot of different dimensions of the music for you. At times, we do (despite what I just said) try really hard to reproduce a song in a way we've heard the Dead play it. At other times, we just sorta wander out into the forest, following our nose to go dig up some tasty improvisational fungi. Sometimes we'll play it safe. Other times we'll juggle hand grenades for your (and our) enjoyment. Some nights we'll play nothing but Dead for four hours. Other nights we'll mix in some Dylan, some Allmans, some Floyd, some Ramones, some originals, or some of whatever we feel like that we think you might feel like too. Sometimes we're awesome musicians. Sometimes (but not too often) we're talentless hacks.

Sometimes Rob makes pretty light waves (or are they particles?) do pretty things for you. Sometimes we just have the sky. Sometimes the Mystery Sound Guy mixes all our efforts into a creamy confection that'll make you pant like a dog. Sometimes, he presses the Suck Knob and you all yell at him.

Sometimes we'll ask you for your suggestions. Sometimes we'll even act on them. Other times you'll think we're totally ignoring your requests (although usually they just remind us of something else we'd rather play). We won't play Freebird, no matter how often or how loudly you ask, so knock it off, bonehead.

Every now and then, we'll make up a playlist (or steal one from the Dead) before we start. Most of the time, though, we have no idea what we're going to play until we play it.

Sometimes we get paid!

But, whenever we play, we do our damndest every single time to make it fun for you. Cause if it's fun for you, it's fun for us. And if you should happen to dance to it, then we know that the spirit of the Grateful Dead is still alive, and then we too are grateful for the Dead, for you all, and for all that is and was and will ever be.

-SJohn, 7/20/09